Exploring the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital

Posted 11:07pm Thursday 22nd March 2018

Walking through the doors, a fishy, salty smell filled my nostrils. No, I wasn’t in the Unicol bathrooms; I’d just entered the new Dunedin Wildlife Hospital facilities. I was here to chat with the hospital’s volunteer coordinator Lauren about the hospital, last year’s Read more...

I Touched Darude

Posted 11:12am Saturday 30th September 2017

Legends aren’t born, they’re made. The legend is made of memes and called Darude, the man behind the cultural classic that is ‘Sandstorm’. This is the journey I undertook to see Sandstorm live. Darude was playing one New Zealand concert, in Christchurch. Why Christchurch? Read more...

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Josephine Devereux