Journey to the Mystic Crystal Castle

Posted 6:49pm Saturday 5th May 2018

Mullumbimby, Australia is not famous for much, apart from Iggy Azaelea and substance abuse. But there is one curiosity which manages to attract visitors from around the world to this shithole town – the Crystal Castle.  The founder of the Crystal Castle, Naren King, celebrated the Read more...

Vapourium Presents Science Tank | Issue 8

Posted 2:27pm Sunday 23rd April 2017

In India only 4% of the resident 500 million cows are destined to be consumed by humans as India’s major religion, Hinduism, holds cows sacred. Instead, when a cow dies it is left to be eaten by vultures. Vultures in India are thus dependent on human activity and play a massive role in the Read more...

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Alexander Woolrych