Zodiac Records: South Dís Best Kept Secret

Posted 9:09pm Thursday 27th August 2020

Walking down King Edwards Street in South Dunedin you pass bustling cafes, second-hand stores, and various offices. Standing out is a storefront full to bursting with books and music. “BOOK EXCHANGE” reads one side in bright yellow, “Zodiac RECORDS” reads the other. I spent Read more...

Proctor Protest Was the Biggest Otago Student Protest Since the Ď90s

Posted 11:17pm Thursday 4th October 2018

The 1990s hold a weird place of reverence in campus politics at Otago. Grainy black & white photos of students seizing control of the Clocktower or marching in their thousands alongside the Leith are impossible to surpass. It’s pretty easy when you’re on a march across campus today Read more...

Struggle? In 2017?

Posted 11:23am Sunday 23rd April 2017

Look at that, four months have passed already! It’s been an active year thus far; students are still getting themselves into strikes, riots, killings, and occasionally a victory. So maybe it’s worth keeping half an eye on what those damned young radicals are up to an island, country, or Read more...

Outpost of Empire: The Far Right in New Zealand Up to the 1920s

Posted 11:40am Sunday 9th April 2017

For the most part, New Zealand has missed the kinds of ultra-reactionary mass movements that typified fascist, and otherwise hardline nationalist, politics during periods of crisis in other countries. Classical fascist movements, or contemporary populist chauvinism (such as, say, Read more...

One Nation Are Growing Despite Weak WA Results

Posted 11:29am Sunday 19th March 2017

The recent state election in Western Australia (WA) has swept a new Labour government under Mark McGowan to power, ousting two-term Liberal Premier Colin Barnett. As of writing, Labour is resting on 38 seats in the 59-seat legislative assembly, set to rise as high as 41. It’s one of the Read more...

Struggle, What Struggle?

Posted 11:20am Sunday 5th March 2017

The entirety of ‘things wot gon dun happened to students last year’ can’t in all honesty be contained in a listicle. Much as in years before, and likely years to come, 2016 was an often bloody year for anything that might resemble a real ‘student movement’ Read more...

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