Animal Law Conference calls for hearts, minds, and action

Posted 11:19am Sunday 16th July 2017

On 1 July, the New Zealand Animal Law Association (NZALA) hosted New Zealand's first ever animal law conference at the AUT campus in Auckland. Dr Jane Goodall set the scene, providing perspective on why the legal community must do more to advocate for animals. She focused on compassion. Read more...

Animal Research at Otago

Posted 11:09am Sunday 21st May 2017

Animal testing is always a hugely controversial and divisive topic, with each side rigid in their beliefs. The University of Otago are following through on plans to spend $50 million on a new animal research facility meaning the debate has reared its head once again throughout campus. If Read more...

Defending the kingdom | Issue 26

Posted 1:49pm Sunday 5th October 2014

While teaching and travelling in what is now Zimbabwe and Malawi, my grandmother chose not to accept the barriers of apartheid. She stuck out as a lone white woman amongst African friends knowing that at least a passive stand was the moral thing to do. Parallels between racism and speciesism have Read more...

Defending the Kingdom | Issue 18

Posted 9:43pm Sunday 3rd August 2014

Last month the University of Otago’s Veganism and Animal Rights Society hosted a screening of Earthlings, a 2005 film exploring shocking displays of speciesism in industries built on pets, food, clothing, entertainment and science. Standard practise exploits animals without regard for their Read more...

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