Restorative Justice in Dunedin

Posted 4:26pm Sunday 6th October 2013

Restorative justice is a victim-centric process in which victims meet with their offenders to discuss the crime and its effects. Brittany Mann interviewed three facilitators, as well as an offender and a victim, about their experiences of the process. What she heard were stories of communities being Read more...

Masters by Coursework on the Rise

Posted 2:29pm Sunday 29th September 2013

The University of Otago has seen an increase in the number of coursework Masters programmes on offer, and recent changes to admissions criteria have made some postgraduate qualifications more accessible than ever before. There are now five coursework Masters programmes on offer in the Read more...

New Zealand’s Refugees

Posted 1:47pm Sunday 22nd September 2013

So much for a fair goFor as long as Australia has been a go-to destination for “boatpeople” from places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Sri Lanka, the issue has been used as a political football to score points with the growing xenophobic constituency in that country. Indeed, Australia recently Read more...

Hungry For Change

Posted 2:39pm Sunday 15th September 2013

In the wake of Live Below the Line (last seen taking over Facebook), Brittany Mann takes a look at the impact that Western aid is having on impoverished societies. Are campaigns like Live Below the Line helpful, or do they stand in the way of development? What Is LBL?Beginning in Australia in Read more...

Critic Scandals Through The Ages: An Inexhaustive Account

Posted 4:47pm Sunday 18th August 2013

Now in its 89th year, Critic is widely known as an upright and distinguished Publication, where people turn for only the most rigorous of journalistic standards. LOL, JK. Brittany Mann takes a look at the scandals that have shaped Critic over the years. It seems like the height of Read more...

The Scourge of Property Managers

Posted 3:50pm Sunday 4th August 2013

Property managers are an increasingly common phenomenon in Dunedin, their purpose to negotiate between the needs of tenants and landlords. However, Brittany Mann found herself inundated with stories of property managers acting as absentee landlords' stooges and trampling on tenants' rights. What Read more...

www. Online Hookups 4 Students

Posted 6:05pm Sunday 7th July 2013

The concept of online dating has quivered menacingly on the edge of my consciousness ever since a friend of mine began using it a few years ago. While I am yet to overcome the mental hurdle of actually signing up to one of the numerous sites on offer, I found myself intrigued by fellow students who Read more...

Re-O-Week to Bring Paint, Sexism

Posted 6:05pm Sunday 7th July 2013

OUSA has been working around the clock to deliver students the biggest Reorientation Week yet, say OUSA figures. Critic staff members dispute the accuracy of this statement, however, having observed the Events team working only until 5pm. Wednesday 10 July sees the return of the Illuminate Read more...

Visual Intelligence

Posted 3:03pm Sunday 26th May 2013

Visual Intelligence, a boutique, high-end tattoo and art studio located on the west side of Princes St, was established in 2004 and is a registered tattoo studio. Owned and operated by Aaron and Macaela Manuel, Visual Intelligence has a two-year waiting list that befits Aaron’s more than 15 years’ Read more...

Nadia Reid and Ivy Rossiter (a.k.a. Luckless) Interview

Posted 1:24pm Sunday 19th May 2013

Nadia Reid and Ivy Rossiter (a.k.a Luckless) recently performed at the iconic and allegedly haunted Chicks Hotel in Port Chalmers as part of their Ballads and Badlands national tour. Brittany Mann went along for the whiskey and good times. The girlsBallads and Badlands is Nadia Reid and Ivy Read more...

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