Like Water: Māori and Gender Fluidity

Posted 4:04pm Sunday 26th March 2023

Māori ideas of gender, like water, were fluid. Also like water, they were polluted when colonists arrived and we’re still trying to take stock of the damage. But times are changing. At this year’s Te Matatini, the largest spectacle of kapa haka in the world, something Read more...

Avatar 2 Sucked, Actually

Posted 2:53pm Sunday 5th March 2023

Avatar: The Way of Water recently ranked as the sixth-highest grossing film in all of cinematic history. Like thousands of other Kiwis around New Zealand, you may have found yourself in your local Hoyts this summer enjoying a box of popcorn and the long-awaited sequel. It’s also likely that Read more...

An Indigenous Opinion on the Queen’s Death:

Posted 3:54pm Sunday 2nd October 2022

As the world remembers Queen Elizabeth II, it is clear that for many, her 70-year-long reign symbolised great strength and familiarity. However, with the #RoyalFamily TikTok hashtag skyrocketing to 17.7 billion views, and Parliament’s recent declaration of September 26th as an official day of Read more...

Behind Bars:

Posted 7:53pm Sunday 18th September 2022

We often look to the Treaty of Waitangi as the definitive turning point in New Zealand history. As the founding document and shared agreement between two peoples, many look at this early colonial era as a time of trade, survival and adapting to a new society. Pākehā immersed themselves in Read more...

How Reo Changes with Region

Posted 2:12pm Sunday 31st July 2022

Te reo Māori is on the rise. Well actually, it has been for over forty years. Whether you’re from Dunedin or just here for the moment, you’re likely to have encountered the dialect of the Kāi Tahu iwi here in Ōtepoti. And while the mita is distinctly different from Read more...

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Skyla o Ngāti Hine

Staff Writer, Te Rarawa