Referendum Will Ask Students if NZUSA Is Any Use

Posted 2:22pm Tuesday 19th May 2020 by Erin Gourley

OUSA will propose a theoretical alternative to NZUSA at their upcoming referendum.  Three of the draft OUSA referendum questions relate to NZUSA. The first, which is traditionally included in every OUSA referendum, asks whether students think OUSA should leave NZUSA. According to the Read more...

The Future Is Now: University Implements Examination Software For Upcoming Competitive Exams

Posted 1:01am Friday 15th May 2020 by Alex Leckie-Zaharic

Fresh off announcing their long-awaited exam timetable, the University lobbed a curveball at Accounting students and the massive Health Science First Year cohort on Tuesday afternoon by informing them that their exams would be surveilled. Many students are concerned. Yes, you read that right. In Read more...

OPINION: As Students Adapt, so Must Student Representation

Posted 12:19am Friday 15th May 2020 by Jack Manning

If I were to list all the ways Covid-19 has impacted students, there wouldn’t be enough room for an actual opinion. To name a few, just think of students who are essential workers, students who are parents, students without devices, the thousands of exchange students (both inward and outward Read more...

Critic Saved an Auckland Uni Student from a “Cult”

Posted 12:13am Friday 15th May 2020 by Sinead Gill

Last week, an Auckland Uni student claimed to have been approached by two girls from Elohim Academy. Elohim Academy is a sub-group of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG), which is known for its aggressive recruitment strategy, and has been labeled by some as a cult.  Keeara Read more...

CRIME: OUSA are About to Breach their Constitution

Posted 11:41pm Thursday 14th May 2020 by Erin Gourley

OUSA have breached their constitution by failing to have their financial statements audited before the semester one referendum.  OUSA will acknowledge the breach in its referendum. “Disclosure: due to COVID-19 and the nature of auditing needing to be on sight, we have been unable to Read more...

Students Will Vote on OUSA Support for Agnew

Posted 4:02pm Thursday 14th May 2020 by Erin Gourley

The upcoming OUSA referendum is likely to determine whether OUSA will support the Agnew Street Party.  Question 10 of the upcoming OUSA referendum will ask students whether “OUSA [should] investigate co-hosting Agnew Street with the Agnew Street Residents”. The referendum cannot Read more...

RAs Get Pay-out After Controversy

Posted 4:46pm Sunday 10th May 2020 by Erin Gourley

RAs who stayed in their residential colleges for the lockdown are now receiving $20 more per week than RAs who left their residential colleges. The $140 pay-out was announced following the outrage from RAs who remained in their colleges for lockdown and were ineligible for a fee rebate. A group Read more...

Proctor Asked Police to Arrest Students for Couch-Burning

Posted 4:29pm Sunday 10th May 2020 by Erin Gourley

The Proctor asked police to arrest and charge students with couch burning offences, according to emails released to Critic under the Official Information Act. A spokesperson for the University of Otago said that they “continue to expect the Code of Student Conduct to be the principal means Read more...

OPINION: It's Time To Recycle Your Shrine of Empty Bottles

Posted 4:28pm Sunday 10th May 2020 by Henessey Griffiths

When you move into a flat, one of the first things you think about is decoration. You decorate your bedroom with the things you want, in an effort to best describe your personality. You create your lounge area as a communal space that showcases your mutual interests and your identity as a flat. Read more...

Agnew Street 2020 Will Be An Uphill Battle

Posted 3:44pm Sunday 10th May 2020 by Erin Gourley

Agnew Street Party organisers will face an uphill battle against concerns from emergency services, emails released to Critic under the Official Information Act show. Suggestions to stop or mitigate the risks of Agnew include an eight month alcohol ban in the area. “Numbers attending the Read more...

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