New Club Aims to “Unite Students of Colour”

Posted 5:31pm Sunday 27th March 2022 by Denzel Chung

A new club has been established for Otago students who identify as people of colour (PoC). They’re aiming to “build a community” for people to bond over, and are ultimately hoping to become a “strong advocate and voice for the PoC community” here.  Emika, the Read more...

OUSA and Albany St Pharmacy Deliver Drugs to Doorsteps

Posted 1:33pm Sunday 20th March 2022 by Sean Gourley

Thanks to OUSA and Albany Street Pharmacy, isolating students can now get over-the-counter meds and other pharmacy goodies delivered for free. The service can be accessed via the OUSA Support Hub Website. With Covid absolutely ripping through North D, many people who would’ve helped their Read more...

“Good Karma” Nets OUSA’s $800 Camping Giveaway

Posted 1:56pm Sunday 6th March 2022 by Fox Meyer

OUSA recently held an online giveaway for $800 worth of new camping gear. The winner, Tayla, reckoned that “good karma” won her the grand prize, which she is hoping to show off at R&A.  “Never have I ever won something like this,” said Tayla. She’d entered a Read more...

$4 Lunches Under New Management

Posted 2:33pm Sunday 27th February 2022 by Denzel Chung

For the first time in over 20 years, OUSA’s famous $4 lunches will no longer be served by the Hare Krishna community. This is after Jane Beecroft, known as the “lunch lady” of the Hare Krishnas, announced her retirement in February.  South Dunedin restaurant Tandooree Read more...

OUSA Gives out 650 “Gifts of Generosity and Grace”

Posted 2:51pm Sunday 27th February 2022 by Fox Meyer

In less than a week, OUSA has distributed 650 care packages to isolating students across the city. The initiative comes as Omicron rips through the student population in North Dunedin.  These packages are being delivered free of charge to students who are isolating. They contain food staples Read more...

Michaela Says Goodbye

Posted 9:10am Sunday 10th October 2021 by Erin Gourley

After a year as President and a year as Welfare and Equity Representative, Michaela Waite-Harvey is moving on to bigger and better things next year. Like “just studying” at Otago, instead of being a student politician. “I’m not going to completely excommunicate myself from Read more...

Melissa Lama: Who Is She?

Posted 9:12am Sunday 10th October 2021 by Erin Gourley

“My life involves lots of different worlds,” says Melissa Lama. “There’s the Pacific community, I’m a mum, there’s student politics, and I study. I do it to myself but I wouldn’t change it, it’s who I am.” Melissa is your 2022 OUSA President. Read more...

OUSA Referendum Produces 125 Pages of Comments

Posted 8:48am Sunday 10th October 2021 by Denzel Chung

Students voted to reject only one proposal in the recent OUSA referendum: calling for an Exec member to be dedicated to distance and overseas students. Over 100 pages of comments were also submitted by students, including one student who repeatedly posted the Bee Movie script as their comment for Read more...

Mental Health Awareness Whiteboard Sabotaged With Humour

Posted 4:05pm Friday 1st October 2021 by Erin Gourley

Sometimes, as a treat, OUSA will do something with good intentions that is nonetheless destined for disaster. Setting up a whiteboard in the Link for Mental Health Awareness Week and allowing people to write whatever they choose on a Post-It note, anonymously, is one of those things. The mental Read more...

OUSA and UOPISA Sign First Ever MOU

Posted 3:24pm Friday 1st October 2021 by Erin Gourley

For the first time, OUSA and the Pacific Island Students’ Association (UOPISA) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The MOU sets out that OUSA and UOPISA out the associations recognise each others’ roles, and that they will “actively promote their parallel Read more...

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