EXCLUSIVE! Salacious OUSA Exec Quotes

Posted 7:32pm Sunday 26th May 2024 by Hugh Askerud

It’s difficult to know what else lies behind the big green door of our OUSA overlords (exec). Love? Gossip? Rivalry? Sex? Murder? Armed with a pen, a notepad, and explicit orders from the editor to source a tabloid-worthy insider scoop, Critic Te Ārohi’s News Editor went to find out Read more...

The Truth About the OUSA SGM

Posted 9:13pm Sunday 18th April 2021 by Alex Leckie-Zaharic

OUSA is holding an SGM (Student General Meeting) this week. OUSA have been advertising the SGM as the Executive doing Executive things in public because they need to do it once a year. However, what the Exec haven’t made particularly clear or easy to find is that any member of OUSA (so, Read more...

OUSA Cancels Exec Meeting Because They Have Nothing to Talk About

Posted 5:17pm Saturday 6th March 2021 by Alex Leckie-Zaharic

The Exec meeting last week was cancelled because there was nothing on the agenda. In an email sent to members of the OUSA Exec February 26, the meeting scheduled for Monday was cancelled because there were only two agenda items. Both items had papers pending, preventing full discussion on either Read more...

Breakdown of Exec Drama

Posted 12:50pm Monday 26th February 2018 by Charlie O’Mannin

Editor’s Comment: Over the last three weeks, rather than putting their time to productive use, your elected representatives on the OUSA executive have been preoccupied with petty bullshit, infights and arguing.   President Caitlin Barlow-Groome made a minor mistake. She apologised. Read more...

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