Summer Political Roundup

Posted 3:39pm Friday 24th February 2012 by Callum Fredric

Summer isnít all backyard cricket, beer and barbecues. In fact, New Zealandís politicians have been working hard all summer to take away your freedom to engage in those activities. Hereís a roundup of what happened while you were away over the break ... Tea tapes Biggest letdown of 2012. The Read more...

Protests break out across Turkey

Posted 2:05pm Sunday 2nd June 2013 by Jack Montgomerie

What began as a protest against a shopping mall has turned into massive demonstrations against police violence in Turkey. Protestors had initially staged a sit-in objecting to the ruling Justice and Development Partyís (AKP) plans to build a shopping mall on Gezi park, which sits in the middle of Read more...

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