Vitalogy | Issue 21

Posted 12:10pm Sunday 4th September 2016 by Prof's Wood & Ruddock

There are various names given to the unnatural and degrading vice of producing venereal excitement by the hand, or other means, generally resulting in a discharge of semen in the male and a corresponding emission in the female. Unfortunately, it is a vice by no means uncommon among the youth of both Read more...

Unzipping the Myths | Issue 14

Posted 2:35pm Sunday 5th July 2015 by T. Antric

Bring up the topic of masturbation around a group of (maybe slightly under the influence) boys and three of them will tell you, with nary a blushed cheek, about when their mothers walked in. Two will tell you about their first times. Another will mention the pile of tissues beside his bed. This Read more...

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