Mount Grand

Posted 11:58am Sunday 30th April 2017

I stare entranced at the rows of water tanks. The surface of the water is brown and shiny – bubblebath coated in Gladwrap. This is where our drinking water comes from. Right beneath my feet the alchemical transformation from ‘stream water’ to ‘tap water’ is taking Read more...

Hey Sugar Sugar

Posted 11:58am Sunday 26th February 2017

Amy’s love doesn’t cost a thing, but her company does. Louise Lin talked to a Sugar Baby about what it's like to be paid to be somebody's girlfriend. Content warning: this story contains descriptions of sexual assault She's just your regular student. You've passed Read more...

Draw Me Naked: Being A Nude Model

Posted 12:07pm Saturday 1st October 2016

The rhythmic rustle of charcoal on paper soothes me into a semi meditative state. In the background, Passenger croons - “when you can't get what you love, you learn to love the things that stop you dreaming”. I fix my stare at a mirror which reflects a student's easel – a Read more...

What Becomes of the Unwanted

Posted 11:23am Sunday 24th April 2016

Louise Lin went to the Green Island Landfill to talk to the people who deal with the waste products most people prefer to ignore If you want to be attacked by irate pukeko, the Green Island landfill is the place to go. Jennie Upton, Education and promotion officer at the DCC, is showing me Read more...

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Louise Lin