Cull's Column | Issue 12

Posted 12:11pm Sunday 22nd May 2016

Council recently received a report about the 2016 Orientation period. It included feedback from the University of Otago, the Otago University Students Association (OUSA), Otago Polytechnic Students Association and Dunedin Police. The report’s conclusion? That, overall, Orientation 2016 went Read more...

Cull's Column | Issue 10

Posted 12:30pm Sunday 8th May 2016

In my last column, I talked about providing opportunities for students to stay in Dunedin on the completion of their studies. It would be great to turn a few years of study into the beginning of a career or a business in the city as a permanent resident. Part of being a resident is engaging with Read more...

Cull's Column | Issue 6

Posted 11:53am Sunday 10th April 2016

Compared to say Auckland, Dunedin’s ethnic makeup may seem overwhelmingly European. However, Dunedin – and the University of Otago for that matter – has a long and proud history of welcoming different cultures and ethnicities into the community and there are a large number of Read more...

Cull's Column | Issue 3

Posted 2:04pm Sunday 13th March 2016

A couple of years ago, as part of a fundraising event for a local charity, I abseiled from the gantry at Forsyth Barr Stadium. It was an exhilarating, albeit scary, experience.  It occurred to me that while the abseil was in one sense a unique opportunity, people who live in Dunedin are Read more...

Cull's Column

Posted 2:36pm Sunday 6th March 2016

For many of you, a new year on campus will also mean a new student flat to live in.  As you have likely discovered by now, Dunedin has a large number of properties – including student flats – that are not warm or dry enough to keep people healthy and comfortable at a reasonable Read more...

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