Remote - An island in a sea of startups

Posted 12:53am Monday 18th August 2014

When you hear the word “remote,” it doesn’t exactly conjure up feelings of prosperity, abundance and opportunity – feelings that we are told to look for in our chosen career paths. However, for some of us, not putting on suitable office attire (or even pants) and logging on from the comfort of our Read more...

A House Without Books

Posted 5:30pm Sunday 23rd March 2014

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past ten years you will have realised that there have been significant changes in the world around us. You will have heard people banging on about the “digital age,” or the “frontier” or “revolution.” You will have also heard that if you want to move Read more...

Navigating Relationships in the Digital Age

Posted 4:35pm Sunday 9th March 2014

We Tweet, we Snapchat, we’re friends on Facebook and, hell, we even match on Tinder – but where has that left us? Navigating the social media swamp isn’t easy, and that raises the question: has technology really been helping or is it hindering our romantic pursuits? Sarah Ley-Hamilton looks to the Read more...

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Sarah Ley-Hamilton