Science, Bitches | Issue 19

Posted 9:16pm Sunday 10th August 2014

If you live fast you will probably die young, and one day the universe will come to an end. Both of these facts are examples of science telling you things that you didn't want to hear. But science wants to make it up to you! This week it will attempt to cheer you up with some good news: you know all Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 16

Posted 5:12pm Sunday 20th July 2014

Most of us are familiar with what it feels like to be running out of time. We know what it is like to power walk to a lecture or feel the self-loathing associated with pushing an assignment to the last minute. But what exactly is this thing we want more of? Will we ever be able to control it? Let’s Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 12

Posted 4:32pm Sunday 18th May 2014

Are plants, birds and even our own cells keeping a secret from us? While human minds struggle to grasp the unintuitive nature of quantum physics, do other creatures perform quantum feats with no thought whatsoever? For answers, we must look to the emerging scientific field of quantum biology. Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 09

Posted 1:58pm Sunday 27th April 2014

Is there something important you’re meant to be doing? As many as 20 per cent of people identify as “chronic procrastinators,” so you are not alone. And by reading this column, you may be able to save yourself. With science! You want to do your homework but, simultaneously, you don’t. You’ve Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 08

Posted 4:31pm Sunday 13th April 2014

Invisibility would be an awesome superpower. Are you socially avoidant? Just throw on your handy invisibility cloak and you’re good to go! And maybe you don’t want to hide. Maybe you just want to conceal your peanut butter so your flatmates will stop stealing it. What does science have to say about Read more...

Science, Bitches! | Issue 05

Posted 5:30pm Sunday 23rd March 2014

How often are you overcome by a strong urge to levitate a frog? Your answer is most likely “not often.” However, this is just one of the many things science can achieve. In addition to your frog, you’re going to need some magnets – the stronger the better. A magnetic coil of about 16 tesla Read more...

Science, Bitches! | Issue 02

Posted 4:44pm Sunday 2nd March 2014

Your busy timetable of procrastination and partying hard may not have left you much time to sleep. Will science be able to help you when those first due dates start to loom? Of course! Your solution: a power nap. The key thing about power naps is that they’re less than 30 minutes long. As you Read more...

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