Queer Eye | Issue 27

Posted 11:58pm Sunday 12th October 2014

Looking back over my last five years as a queer rights activist, I have noticed that I face the same ignorant bullshit from people. Here are my top five: So like now you have marriage equality, what is left to fight for? There is this idea out there that achieving marriage equality was the Read more...

Queer Eye | Issue 26

Posted 1:49pm Sunday 5th October 2014

A pretty, young, white, rich, heterosexual, cisgender woman got up at the United Nations and made a speech about how important it is for men to get on board with movements towards greater gender equality. It was a nice, non-confrontational speech that has already been spread widely on social media Read more...

Queer Eye | Issue 25

Posted 2:58pm Sunday 28th September 2014

Firstly thanks to the readers of Queer Eye who responded to the guest columns on Lesbian Sex. My guest columnist appreciated the feedback and the discussion it inspired about the diversity of the queer community. In relation to this feedback I need to make the following declarations: the following Read more...

Queer Eye | Issue 23

Posted 4:38pm Sunday 14th September 2014

Whether itís from the privacy of your private porn collection, or from your weekly Orange is the New Black fix, Iím sure the majority of Critic readers have seen some kind of raunchy lesbian sex scene. But how accurate are those scissoring scenes that you pleasure yourself to in portraying how Read more...

Queer Eye | Issue 22

Posted 11:52pm Sunday 7th September 2014

ďIím coming out Ö I want the world to know, Iíve got to let it show!Ē Ah, Diana Ross, you captured how fantastic it is to burst out of the closet in a few, fabulous song lyrics. Unfortunately you missed how bloody scary it can be and how potentially dangerous it can be. To understand coming Read more...

Queer Eye | Issue 20

Posted 12:53am Monday 18th August 2014

I like to think that I give a crap about people living in poverty. I give monthly to charities, I sign petitions, I educate myself and try to help educate others. I am pretty much a saint, but I donít know what to do to help queers in poor countries. I sometimes wonder what motivates me to Read more...

Queer Eye | Issue 19

Posted 9:16pm Sunday 10th August 2014

across all hook-up apps. This column will not tell you how to get the finest cock or tit from Tinder but will instead dispense advice on staying safe. That might not sound like as much fun, but it has the potential to save you from life-threatening diseases and those creeps out there who want to do Read more...

Queer Eye | Issue 18

Posted 9:43pm Sunday 3rd August 2014

The other week there was a piece in The Press about the homophobia faced by a young man called Jay Claydon when he was playing semi-professional rugby. Jayís story, and othersí like his, highlights the entrenched issues we have in our society in relation to masculinity, sexuality and gender Read more...

Queer Eye | Issue 16

Posted 5:12pm Sunday 20th July 2014

So itís election year, they tell me, and that means we need to prepare ourselves for an onslaught of bullshit. This will come in the form of empty promises, pithy soundbites and accusations flying left, right and centre! Often the right of politics (Act, National and the Conservatives) will accuse Read more...

Queer Eye | Issue 15

Posted 6:52pm Sunday 13th July 2014

Oh woe is us as we mourn the loss of the ďrealĒ men. The ones whose facial hair was allowed to grow free and wasnít teased into hipster-perfect face art. The men whose sole occupation was rustling sheep, drinking beer and chasing tail. The men whose only exercise was a run around a rugby field, who Read more...

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