A short introduction to Iraq and the rise of ISIS

Posted 2:58pm Sunday 28th September 2014

Earlier this year I had several promising job leads surface in Kurdish Northern Iraq. As a student of Middle Eastern politics, Iraqi Kurdistan (effectively an independent state in all but name) represents the perfect compromise: it’s relatively safe, yet close enough to the region’s “hot-spots” to Read more...

Balls Deep in the Arab Spring

Posted 1:24pm Sunday 19th May 2013

For as long as I can remember, I have had a weird infatuation with all things Middle Eastern. In late 2011/early 2012 – after a year and a half of soul-crushing wage-slavery – I excitedly embarked on a three-month tour of the “Arab Spring.” It is one thing to read about a situation on your laptop Read more...

The Critic Legal High Review

Posted 4:23pm Sunday 10th March 2013

Yesterday afternoon I was surprised by an unusual proposition from Critic: consume and review five different types of legal highs over the course of a night. After two minutes of mental deliberation – involving some ninja-like backwards rationalising my way out of prior commitments – I decided that Read more...

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