A Day in Dunedin’s Underbelly

Posted 12:25am Tuesday 12th October 2010

Busy days at the Dunedin District Court are a big excited reunion. On Tuesday 19 September, the hallways and waiting rooms were packed at the start of the day, so nods, big reverse-nods, winks, and arm-wrestle-angle-handshakes abounded, and were remarkably shared across all of the courtroom Read more...

The 85 Best Sentences in Critic History

Posted 11:28pm Sunday 5th September 2010

Sir,    It is with growing honour and rising gorge that I view the scandalous increase of the use of trousers by women. Trousers are the outward hallmark of man’s estate. Not content with cutting short their hair, smoking cigarettes and, God forbid, even pipes, women have Read more...

R.I.P. SCARFIE - Who is killing the dream?

Posted 10:48pm Sunday 11th July 2010

“Half the reason people come down here is for the whole student lifestyle. I’m worried the University doesn’t quite understand that; that they’re keen to push down that whole side of University life. Everything that they do … the Code of Conduct, Gardies, every other thing the Uni does is putting Read more...

The Perpetual Student: the life of the student who never graduates is under threat

Posted 2:04pm Sunday 11th July 2010

What do you picture when imagining the ‘perpetual student?’ A hunched and green-blazered old joker, whose sleeping head isn’t visible within the fortress of library reference books that he constructs around himself every day? Or a strutting, regularly-wassuping party animal with worried eyes that Read more...

My Life at war

Posted 3:13am Monday 10th May 2010

Talking to war veterans is a win-win exercise; you get to enjoy first-hand stories from a time it is hard to imagine yourself experiencing, while most veterans savour having an interested ear to feed their well-practised yarns. But perform a few calculations and you’ll realise that not only are Read more...

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