The Critic Te Ārohi Guide to Second Hand Stores

Posted 10:43pm Sunday 19th May 2024

Whether you're a fellow thrifter fresh to Dunedin or a third-year who never leaves North D, this is the guide for you. Critic sent our bona-fide fashionista Phoebe to scour the streets, sift through the racks, and explore every nook and cranny to bring you the inside scoop on the best op shops Read more...

Breaking: K-Hole Affects the P-Hole

Posted 5:28pm Saturday 11th May 2024

A clinical correspondence in the New Zealand Medical Journal has revealed that recreational ketamine use can lead to irreversible bladder damage. In other words, too many keys of ket can lead to pee problems in the future.  Ketamine Bladder Syndrome (KBS) includes a range of conditions such Read more...

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Phoebe Lea