Out of Sight, Out of Mind:

Posted 1:26pm Monday 31st July 2023

Dunedin is saturated with cheap, easy food joints within walking distance for most students, yet more and more are offering delivery through third-party apps like UberEats. Too many, in fact – some of the restaurants offered on delivery apps don’t actually exist as physical stores. The Read more...

Good (enough) Housekeeping: A Woman's Guide to Domestic Bliss in Dunners

Posted 5:14pm Monday 29th May 2023

Here at Critic Te Ārohi, we recognise what a relatable struggle it is to be both the perfect student and the perfect housewife. Everyone’s felt the burnout that comes from having to turn in an assignment at 12 and turn out a gorilla-grip coochie at 1, am I right? AM or PM, it’s a Read more...

Students and Alumni React to University’s New Identity

Posted 4:08pm Sunday 26th March 2023

There was a student hui last week to discuss the Uni’s proposed new logo and te reo Māori name. Initial reactions seemed largely supportive from current students, but with some concern over the price tag. Older members of the general public, mostly posting online, seemed to suggest that Read more...

How Should You Come Out?

Posted 3:44pm Sunday 26th March 2023

You’ve done some soul-searching and made some realisations about yourself, and now you’re ready to tell the world. Congratulations! All that’s left is to decide how to do it. While we can’t ascertain what you’re coming out with, we can tell you the best way for you to Read more...

Nacho Average Food Critics: The Critic Te Ārohi Nacho Review

Posted 12:44pm Sunday 12th March 2023

Nachos are an easy, reliable, hearty meal. They should, therefore, be nearly impossible to fuck up. And yet, being the exceptional city that it is, Dunedin has somehow managed to fuck them up.   We crawled from chip to chip across town seeking out all the best places to get your nacho Read more...

New Zealand FurCon (Furry Convicts)

Posted 8:27pm Sunday 18th September 2022

Max the Paddle Pop Lion: Suspect Description: Max the Lion, also known as Paddle Pop the Lion, is not only the Mascot of the flavoursome ice creams; he is also the star of his own nightmare-fuelling animated TV show/movies where his otherworldly agility and strength are demonstrated. Like, Read more...

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