Play for Palestine Charity Event Held By Te Rōpū Māori

Posted 5:34pm Saturday 11th May 2024

On Sunday the 5th of May, Te Rōpu Māori held the charity event ‘Play for Palestine’ in support of indigenous people in Pirihitia (Palestine) and the Middle East. Tauira (students) signed up in teams of ten to play touch rugby, volleyball, and kī-o-Rahi for the Read more...

Becoming the Alpha Flatmate

Posted 3:52pm Sunday 27th February 2022

There’s always an Alpha Flatmate. From the get go, it’s always about them, their schedule and their drama while the rest of the flat is demoted to peasantry. Never mind the fact that being the Alpha Flatmate is a sure sign of a manipulative, sadistic, and egomaniacal personality. Anyway, Read more...

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Sophie Hursthouse