17 Executive already proving to be better than 2016

Posted 4:59pm Friday 10th February 2017 by Joe Higham

The second executive meeting of the year began with a discussion about a funding request from the charity ‘Heart Kids NZ’, which was swiftly shut down after Education Officer, Bryn Jenkins, noted that OUSA “should be giving to charities in the student interest”, something the Read more...


Posted 5:17pm Friday 16th December 2016 by Joe Higham

The agenda for the final OUSA Executive meeting of the year was largely uncontentious, as the vast majority of the agenda items were passed without issue: notably a disaffiliation a now defunct group, passing an employment agreement, reporting on Welfare and Education Committee Meetings, and giving Read more...

Execrable Xmas Edition

Posted 5:44pm Tuesday 13th December 2016 by Joe Higham

The 2016 OUSA Executive year has been marred by communication failures, finger-pointing, on-going arguments, and a lack of cohesive action, and inevitably the penultimate executive meeting of the year was similarly frustrating. 
 The meeting was largely consumed with the presentation of Read more...

Press Council ruling against Critic

Posted 2:36pm Wednesday 12th October 2016 by Critic

The Press Council has part-upheld a complaint from Dunedin City Council against two Critic articles. This is a summary of the Press Council ruling.  See here for the full decision Critic’s article headlined DCC accused of ‘active and willful campaign to Read more...

Opinion: Is yoga a sport?

Posted 10:39am Saturday 8th October 2016 by Rosa Woods

Did you just mutter the words “no of course not” internally? Hey now, let's not jump to any conclusions. I know what you’re thinking; yoga is a leisure activity, it’s nothing more than an excuse for Lululemon clad fitspos to get together, stretch and do breathing Read more...

The self-crucifixion of Colin of Howick, King of the Conservatives

Posted 10:35am Saturday 8th October 2016 by George Elliott

Colin Craig, who formed the Conservative Party in 2011, was meant to be with us much longer. He’d declared during the 2014 election campaign that he’d one day ascend to the top level of the Beehive as a true conservative. But Craig is dead. The party he created kicked him out and no Read more...


Posted 10:29am Saturday 8th October 2016 by Critic

Congratulations on former OUSA President, Ruby Sycamore Smith and former Critic Editor, Zane Pocock for tying the knot recently! On the sly,Hugh and Laura refused to comment on their nuptial plans. Hugh continued whistling Skater Boy by Avril Lavigne, including some sick drum beats Read more...

OUSA Execrable | Issue 26

Posted 10:27am Saturday 8th October 2016 by Joe Higham

The final reportable OUSA Executive meeting began characteristically slowly, but became easily the most interesting meeting of the year as the largely dysfunctional group came to a head over their third quarter reports, which they present at the culmination of each quarter to determine whether Read more...

While the Labour movement has an existential crisis, what about the worker and the radical?

Posted 11:51am Saturday 1st October 2016 by George Elliott

The Labour movement in the UK and its former colonies has transformed dramatically in the past century and has slipped into an identity crisis after gazing back at the neoliberal experiments of the past four decades and, pondering Key’s eight years and Corbyn’s idealism, asking Read more...

Trump and Clinton clash in most watched televised US presidential debate ever

Posted 11:48am Saturday 1st October 2016 by Cameron Meads

Eighty four million Americans tuned in last week for the first US presidential debate between former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and New York businessman, Donald Trump. Despite a civilised well-mannered start to the debate particularly by an out-of-character Trump, Clinton soon crawled her Read more...

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