Vitalogy | Issue 8

Posted 2:43pm Sunday 23rd April 2017

Latest method of curing baldness, and preventing hair from falling out The causes of baldness are plain: excessive action of the brain, such as intense study, great mental anxiety, etc., producing unnatural heat of the brain-surfaces, thus causing the hair to drop off.  People are often Read more...

Vitalogy | Issue 7

Posted 1:55pm Sunday 9th April 2017

Apart from disease, sleeplessness may arise from an overloaded stomach, over-excitement, or cold feet. Treatment - How to sleep is to many persons a matter of high importance. Nervous persons, who are troubled with wakefulness, usually have a strong tendency of blood to the brain, with cold Read more...

Vitalogy | Issue 6

Posted 2:26pm Sunday 2nd April 2017

This affection generally occurs in females between the ages of twelve and forty-five, and it is more frequent at menstrual periods than at other times.  Causes - The present cruel method of bringing up young ladies favours the development of the disease by rendering the whole system delicate Read more...

Vitalogy | Issue 5

Posted 1:58pm Sunday 26th March 2017

I have faith that the young gentlemen of Otago University are too intelligent to indulge in the evils of self-pollution (masturbation). However, without careful vigilance, a boisterous lifestyle and impure thoughts, even without action, can lead to night-time ejaculations that will drain the vital Read more...

Vitalogy | Issue 4

Posted 2:50pm Sunday 19th March 2017

This is an inflammation of the urethra, or external urinary passage, and is generally occasioned by an impure connection; although a disease of a similar character may arise from having connection with a healthy woman during menstruation; and it is sometimes produced by leucorrhea (discharge) in the Read more...

Vitalogy | Issue 3

Posted 3:08pm Sunday 12th March 2017

Asthma is a spasmodic disease, characterised by paroxysms of difficult breathing, with great wheezing, and a dreadful sense of constriction across the chest; each paroxysm terminates by the expectoration of a more or less abundant of mucus. It is now considered a mucus disease dependant upon some Read more...

Vitalogy | Issue 2

Posted 2:12pm Sunday 5th March 2017

Deadly snakes are generally distinguishable by the thinness of the neck, immediately behind the head, and by their having only two teeth in the upper jaw. Kerosene oil is a never failing remedy for the cure of the bite of snakes and all other poisonous reptiles. Bind cloth wet with kerosene on Read more...

Vitalogy | Issue 1

Posted 1:55pm Sunday 26th February 2017

Young men and women embarking on their education must study, but excessive bookishness will lead to a fever of the brain that will incapacitate the nerves and leave the young person unable to participate in society. Watch for symptoms of brain-fever in your companions in your homestays and in Read more...

Vitalogy | Issue 26

Posted 12:00pm Saturday 8th October 2016

This powerful treatment contributes to the removal of disease, and inducing activity of the vessels of the skin. It is recommended in severe colds, pleurisy, rheumatism, diarrhea, dysentery, feverish and inflammatory attacks, etc. The patient is to be in a night-shirt or other clothing, to be Read more...

Vitalogy | Issue 24

Posted 11:55am Saturday 24th September 2016

After we have lived 75 years it is perfectly reasonable to add another 75 years in reasonable health and spirits. How to live a century and over is briefly told in the following paragraphs: Eminent scientists assert that man’s body under favourable conditions may last 300 years or Read more...

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