Totus Tuus —Gorecki, The Armed Man —Karl Jenkins

Posted 12:56pm Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Ihlara McIndoe

The Dunedin City Choir alongside the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra gave a stunning performance of Gorecki’s Totus Tuus and Karl Jenkins’s The Armed Man, on Saturday 1st April, earning themselves a standing ovation.  The opening work of the concert, Totus Tuus, provided challenges Read more...

Music to Get Through It

Posted 1:05pm Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Bianca Prujean

If I Can’t Handle Me At My Best, You Don’t Deserve You At Your Worst —Helena Celle Glasgow-based hardware synth artist Helena Celle, aka Kay Logan, cited music as a “guiding light” when facing challenges related to LGBT homelessness. Regardless of whether or not it Read more...

Bad Vibes

Posted 1:20pm Sunday 9th April 2017 by Reg Norris

It’s 1998. Some of you are being conceived. Possibly to Cher’s ‘Believe’. Like a stylus scribing a sound onto a wax cylinder this song is imprinted in your DNA. Deal with it. Cher, like Madonna that very year, we’re moving into a lyrically modest danceable club anthem Read more...

Shadow Self —Élan Vital

Posted 1:28pm Sunday 2nd April 2017 by Grimm Selfie

How multiple are you? Ever have moments when you act in way that is out of character? Find yourself reading Jungian psychology while watching the Kardashians? Eat a lot of fried chicken? In random hot spots? With multiple lovers? Fear not, it could be your shadow self at play. This compact album Read more...

Delusion at the Bodyvolt

Posted 1:34pm Sunday 2nd April 2017 by Bianca Prujean

Four months after the release of Delusion, we catch up with Beta Evers, aka Brigitte Enzler, to find out about the creative process, running a label, and the album that was 10+ years in the making. Thank you, Beta Evers, for taking the time to share your sonic insights with us!   Bavarian Read more...

Strange Dreams

Posted 1:27pm Sunday 26th March 2017 by Reg Norris

Album: Strange Dreams Artists: Motte Some time back there was a memorable performance in my hometown; someone was using loops to construct a soundscape of weird vocals. I can’t remember the name of the group, but I do remember the Hitchcockian scene as the loud repetitive squawking Read more...

‘Beautiful Mire’ -The River Jesters

Posted 1:51pm Sunday 12th March 2017 by Reg Norris

I had to throw away the bean metaphor. It wasn’t working. I was trying to say something about the bleak future of modern rock. Can anything really exciting and new come out of this genre? And by saying new I don’t mean NEW NEW because rock ‘n’ roll is locked down to Read more...

Track of the Week

Posted 12:38pm Sunday 5th March 2017 by Erin Broughton

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; line-height: 24.0px; font: 15.0px 'Fira Sans Light'} This week we’re pleased to present our first Track of the Week for 2017, carefully selected by Erin Broughton, MD.  Erin knows her stuff. As the Music Director at Radio One, she trawls Read more...

Music Interview: Still // Alone

Posted 12:22pm Sunday 5th March 2017 by Bianca Prujean

Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman are The Golden Filter, a UK-based electronic duo who hail from Australia (Trappes) and the US (Hindman). Their latest sonic offering is STILL // ALONE, an album that is divided into two distinct parts, and was recorded in old studio spaces across the Read more...

Introducing the Music Editors

Posted 12:59pm Sunday 26th February 2017 by Bianca Prujean

SIDE A: Welcome to the first 2017 issue of the music section. Your previous music editor, accomplished writer and journalist, songwriter of New Zealand’s most beloved band, and voice of a generation: Millie Lovelock, has vacated her post at Critic. Big shoes to fill… Who am I? Read more...

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