Pulled Pork

Posted 1:19pm Sunday 28th May 2017 by Liani Baylis

As you can probably judge by my previous articles, I eat meat quite rarely. When I do, I don’t want to waste the occasion on something average - I want the full sock-blowing package. There are so many pulled pork recipes out there that, quite frankly, suck. This one will never disappoint Read more...

A Rundown on Sex and Its Place in The World of Gaming

Posted 1:33pm Sunday 28th May 2017 by Lisa Blakie

Sex in the majority of videogames is the worst. It’s terrible. Why is it so awful? In God of War you button mash the controller and get rewarded with moaning. In the 1987 adventure game Leisure Suit Larry, your main aim is to try and make women have sex with you by being an undesirable sleaze. Read more...

Blankets–An Interview with Sasha Ford

Posted 12:54pm Sunday 28th May 2017 by Renee Barrance

  Earlier this year in March, on a rainy Sunday afternoon and post a whirlwind weekend of incredible music happening in Dunedin, I saw Montreal-based composer and sound artist Sasha Ford perform her solo electronic project Blankets at None Gallery. Blankets had also played the night before Read more...

A Dog’s Purpose

Posted 1:02pm Sunday 28th May 2017 by Samuel Rillstone

Rating: 5/5 A Dog’s Purpose is one of the most sentimental films I have seen in a while, for the pure and obvious fact that it contains dogs and dogs dying and living and just, doggos. Taking place from the 1950s to the present day, it follows a dog, narrated by the wonderful Josh Gad, who Read more...

The Handmaid's Tale

Posted 1:05pm Sunday 28th May 2017 by Laura Starling

Rating: 4/5 Based on the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name, The Handmaid’s Tale is a post-apocalyptic story of a patriarchal world. The first three episodes were released together and pack and powerful punch to the gut, with themes from the 1980s novel still resonating and relevant Read more...


Posted 1:10pm Sunday 28th May 2017 by Monique Hodgkinson

Above image: Freefall, exhibition installation view, featuring Colin McCahon, The Wake, 1958; Ralph Hotere, And ye shall dwell in the land I gave your fathers and ye shall be my people and I will be your God. Ezekiel, 36. 28, 1983, image reproduction by permission of the Hotere Read more...

Chewing Gum (episodes 1-3, 2015)

Posted 1:11pm Sunday 21st May 2017 by Saskia Bunce-Rath

Rating: 3/5 I have… mixed feelings. On paper it all seems great, yet I quit watching after three episodes due to the immense second hand embarrassment I got. Chewing Gum is a British comedy that frankly discusses sexuality, with a diverse cast, set on an estate in England. It’s Read more...

Stardew Valley

Posted 1:25pm Sunday 21st May 2017 by Lisa Blakie

Stardew Valley was released in 2016 and was welcomed by the community with a hugely positive reception from both players and critics. It was another indie hit created by a small team of one dude and I was excited to experience what it had to offer. And it delivered on everything the community had Read more...

Homemade Potato Chips

Posted 1:36pm Sunday 21st May 2017 by Liani Baylis

You know those days when the thought of putting a bra on to go get snacks cripples your very existence? Today is one of those days. Good god Uber eats would go off in this town! Alas, we don’t have it, nor does Countdown deliver one bag of kettle chips. No, we must venture out to get snacks or Read more...

The Vegetarian

Posted 1:40pm Sunday 21st May 2017 by Jessica Thompson Carr

Read this book and you’ll be put off meat for several weeks (not the worst thing in the world). Winner of the Man Booker International Prize and the Yi Sang Literary prize, this is Han Kang’s first book to be published in English and I am oh so grateful for it. Written in three Read more...

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