Mass Effect: Andromeda

Posted 2:20pm Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Brandon Johnstone

Canada-based developer BioWare has leapt from strength to strength over the last couple of decades, building the beloved franchises Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age and Mass Effect around teams of likeable, fleshed-out characters. In the process, BioWare has earned an uncommonly dedicated, diverse Read more...

How To Actually Cook an Egg

Posted 2:16pm Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Liani Baylis

Picture this—It’s a bleak Sunday Morning. You wake up in a haze and get a sober look at the absolute babe you’ve pulled at Mac’s the night before. Determined to impress the fine lass, you set on whipping up the breakfast of champions before this one wakes up Read more...

Otago Wildlife Photography Competition

Posted 1:53pm Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Monique Hodgkinson

Here in Dunedin we’re pretty darn lucky. We’ve got an abundance of stunning wildlife perched right on our doorstep - the albatrosses, seals and penguins on the coast, the botanic gardens right by campus, and gorgeous countryside only a short drive away. The native birdlife is something Read more...

The F8 of the Furious (eight)

Posted 1:44pm Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Critic

Rating: 1 crashed car Reviewer: Michelle Rodriguez I left work and went to my car, only to find a man standing by it. He was old, like 70 years old. He had his back to me, and he was wearing a skirt that was so short I could see his entire bum.  “What are you doing?” I Read more...

The Fate of the Furiosa (2077)

Posted 1:42pm Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Critic

Rating: ???/5 Reviewer: Dog I went into this movie as a longstanding fan of the franchise. I knew beforehand it was going to be a departure from the tone and structure of the previous films and was pretty excited to see where this would take the series. Nowhere good, it turns out. This Read more...

The Faith of the Furious (timeless)

Posted 1:38pm Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Critic

Rating: 5/5 Reviewer: Vin Dali The Fate of the Furious is a surrealist masterpiece. Auteur F. Gary Gray subtly plays on the inherent absurdity of reality, presenting us with characters and scenes completely removed from our conception of the ‘real world’. Instead the characters Read more...

The Fate of the Furios Twenty Seventeen (2017)

Posted 1:33pm Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Critic

Rating: 2.5/5 p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; line-height: 10.0px; font: 8.5px 'Fira Sans'} Reviewer: Trash Morash The trailer for another yet another Fast & Furious movie came as a surprise to me. Why another Fast & Furious movie, where the only trademark is an Read more...

Fast & Furious 8 (2017)

Posted 1:24pm Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Critic

Rating: 1.5/5 Reviewer: Dick Swiveller The eighth installment of the seemingly perpetual Fast and Furious franchise is now in cinemas across the world, smashing global box office records for an opening weekend, raking in an estimated $761 million. I don’t care how many people go to see Read more...


Posted 1:14pm Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Jessica Thompson Carr

Winner of awards like the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, and based on the infamous Josef Fritzl case of 2008, Room, by Emma Donoghue, captures everyone’s worst nightmare from a decidedly fresh perspective.  Told through the eyes of five-year-old Jack, who was born and raised in a Read more...

Music to Get Through It

Posted 1:05pm Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Bianca Prujean

If I Can’t Handle Me At My Best, You Don’t Deserve You At Your Worst —Helena Celle Glasgow-based hardware synth artist Helena Celle, aka Kay Logan, cited music as a “guiding light” when facing challenges related to LGBT homelessness. Regardless of whether or not it Read more...

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