Starters Employees Get Wage Subsidy

Posted 2:44pm Sunday 26th September 2021 by Fox Meyer

Employees of Starters Bar (RIP) have received a government-funded wage subsidy for the lockdown period, despite the fact that the bar never actually re-opened. OUSA CEO Debbie Downs said that because OUSA “fully expected [Starters] to be reopening post lockdown,” the staff were still Read more...

NZUSA Renews Calls for Universal Education Income

Posted 2:56pm Sunday 26th September 2021 by Denzel Chung

A group of 48 students’ associations across Aotearoa, led by the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA), Te Mana Ākonga, Tauira Pasifika and the National Disabled Students’ Association, have renewed calls for the Government to extend students a Universal Education Read more...

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