Ōtepoti’s Street Art, according to Pokémon Go

Posted 2:56am Sunday 8th May 2022 by Ruby Werry

Pokémon Go will slingshot many back to the last time they were happy, full of purpose and with a sense of fulfilment: December 2016. Easily identifiable by portable chargers and narrowly avoided car crashes in their wake as they desperately tried to catch a Venusaur, most Pokémon Go Read more...

Street Art Begins on Castle Lecture Theatre

Posted 11:51pm Wednesday 5th August 2015 by Joe Higham

The work on a campus mural has begun. In collaboration with the University of Otago, OUSA has commissioned Canadian artist, Fluke, to work on a street art piece located on the outside of the Castle Lecture Theatres.  The work began on Tuesday 5 August, as part of a campus Read more...

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