Green Party Tertiary Education Policy a Positive Step Forward NZUSA

Posted 10:37am Sunday 17th September 2017 by Joe Higham

Green Party Leader James Shaw was on campus last week to announce their new Tertiary Education policy to a packed Union Hall. Joined by Maungakiekie candidate Chlöe Swarbrick and Dunedin North candidate Niki Bould, Shaw revealed that the policy will include a universal student allowance, Read more...

Students Paid More through Student Job Search than Anytime in the Last Decade

Posted 10:50am Sunday 6th August 2017 by Joel MacManus

Student Job Search (SJS) say that students are earning more money through their service than at any point in the last decade. SJS, which is a not-for-profit organisation owned by all of the university students associations, connects employers and students for part time, short term, and Read more...

Why NZUSA sucks, & what we can do about it

Posted 10:39am Sunday 15th May 2016 by Sam McChesney

What do poop-flavoured lollipops, tits on a bull, and Matthew McConaughey’s shirts all have in common? They’re all slightly more useful than NZUSA. Last month, the annual chorus of boos aimed at the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations began, kicked off by Massey student Read more...

What has NZUSA given OUSA?

Posted 10:32am Sunday 1st May 2016 by Joe Higham

Last October’s referendum saw the student body overwhelmingly vote for OUSA to remain members of the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA). Do OUSA need NZUSA or are they simply a hollow representative body? Linsey Higgins, NZUSA’s president, told Critic she Read more...

Vic Students Vote to Stay in NZUSA

Posted 11:39am Sunday 4th October 2015 by Laura Munro

Victoria University students voted to stay in the New Zealand Union of Student Associations (NZUSA) in a referendum held on 24 September. Students were asked whether the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Assoication should withdraw or retain its membership of NZUSA, with 72 Read more...

OUSA Finally Fronts Up Debt

Posted 10:37am Sunday 30th August 2015 by Bridie Boyd

After refusing to make the payment for most of the year, the OUSA Executive have paid NZUSA the $21,275 owed in membership fees. After months of claiming they will “reallocate” the funds they contractually owe, Hunt announced the decision to pay on the day the money was due. When Read more...

Victory for Vic Students

Posted 10:51am Sunday 30th August 2015 by Laura Munro

Victoria University of Wellington has announced that they will retain two democratically-elected student seats on their University Council. Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association President Rick Zwaan said, “it took a lot of work” to retain two student seats and Read more...

Financial Stress Causing Depression and Anxiety

Posted 10:54am Sunday 16th August 2015 by Laura Munro

The New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA) has released its 2014 Income and Expenditure Survey, which shows that students are in a worse position financially than when the last survey was done in 2010. The survey found that housing costs across New Zealand have increased Read more...

Execrable | Issue 20

Posted 11:02am Sunday 16th August 2015 by Laura Munro

The team began with the disaffiliation of the Volleyball Scorpions. The club has had minimal contact with OUSA in the last two years and President Paul Hunt said “the club itself is happy to be disaffiliated”. OUSA’s Student Support Manager, Philippa Keaney, is writing a book Read more...

Students Getting the Dollars on Time

Posted 11:18am Sunday 16th August 2015 by Angus Shaw

StudyLink, working with the New Zealand Union of Students’ Association (NZUSA), has made efforts to improve its services for students. NZUSA said students were “deeply unhappy” with StudyLink’s service in 2013 and made improving StudyLink a top priority. In 2013, the Read more...

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