Rethinking your Drinking

Posted 12:25pm Sunday 17th September 2017 by Zane Pocock

Zane Pocock is a former Critic editor and the COO of Hello Sunday Morning, a charity that develops campaigns and technology to help people change their relationship with alcohol.   In the past year, much has been made of improving behaviour in the student quarter. Couches have enjoyed a Read more...

Go Well, Celia

Posted 12:38pm Sunday 17th September 2017 by Hannah Herchenbach

The first time I saw Celia Mancini was on celluloid. Three years ago, my flatmates and I headed out in the rain to catch a screening of Margaret Gordon’s documentary about the Christchurch band Into the Void at Alice’s, a theatre in the centre of town that holds about 30 Read more...

Why I quit sex

Posted 11:38am Sunday 10th September 2017 by A Scarfie

Everyone loves a good sex story. I seem to have a lot of them. Ever since I lost my virginity at 17, I’ve had a complicated relationship with sex. The complication is that I have a shitload of sex. A different guy every night kinda sex. A threesome with a stripper kind of sex. four people in Read more...

What Exactly is Rugby doing to our Brains?

Posted 11:54am Sunday 10th September 2017 by Ben Lorimer

On a rugby field in France, two ex-All Blacks are squaring off against one another. Anthony Tuitavake receives a pass and squares his shoulders as he plunges towards the defensive line. Waiting to meet him, Ma’a Nonu steadies himself and launches into a tackle. The two massive men meet, and Read more...

Parliament TV UNCUT: The Politics Boys

Posted 11:25am Sunday 3rd September 2017 by Mat Clarkson

The boys are back in town... The boys of politics. Not that they ever left, mind you. But with election season in full swing, the fellas are having a much busier time than usual. Just how busy, you ask? Read on, take a peek behind the curtain, and I’ll shed a little light on what’s been Read more...

Dunedin’s Landfill and Its Inhabitants

Posted 11:56am Sunday 3rd September 2017 by Basti Müller

It was a slightly rainy Wednesday afternoon, one of the ones that give you a general feeling of desolation and misery. My body was covered in goosebumps. We were going to one of New Zealand’s landfills, and a part of human lifestyle no one really likes to dwell on. Ironically, the dump is Read more...

The Fresher PM: Bill English’s First Year at the University of Otago

Posted 11:40am Sunday 20th August 2017 by Joel MacManus

This feature contains reference to extreme racist and homophobic language and behaviour.   It was a culture of hyper-masculinity, heavy drinking, and hard partying. The Critic Editor at the time called it “the business of bigotry,” and said it was marred by homophobia and Read more...

“DTF469”: An Open Love Letter to Personalised Plates

Posted 12:00pm Sunday 20th August 2017 by Henessey Griffiths

This month, we commemorate the one-year anniversary of a devastating moment in New Zealand history. On August 1st 2016, the company that specialized in personalised plates lost its New Zealand Travel Association’s (NZTA) license, shutting down the business. Personalised Read more...

Meet My Monsters

Posted 11:25am Sunday 20th August 2017 by Mel Ansell

Though technically an adult, I can’t shake the thought that there are still monsters living beneath my bed. My childhood bogeymen have multiplied like germs, and now my room is full of beasts with which to come to terms. In the quiet of the night, when I’m almost asleep, something wakes Read more...

Ta Moko, A Revived Artform

Posted 11:41am Sunday 13th August 2017 by Chelle Fitzgerald

Ta moko is the traditional art of Māori tattooing, initially pertained only to the face, legs and buttocks. Contemporary ta moko has expanded its borders to incorporate one’s arms, chest and back - most likely due to the stigma that being tattooed has in modern society. However, in Read more...

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